Best Tips for Handling Property Viewings With Potential Buyers

Best Tips for Handling Property Viewings With Potential Buyers

So, you’ve got your house on the market, it’s all looking great and you are ready to start booking viewings as interested people get in touch. What’s next? You need to have a plan of action when it comes to hosting the best viewings of your property. Remember, while the property will do a lot of the selling itself, what you say or do during a viewing could be a determining factor on how successful the appointments are.

In this post, therefore, to help you out, we discuss some key tips for getting those viewings right.

Arrange for Professionals To Handle them

It may be something you are considering doing yourself because if there is someone who knows your property well, it’s you. However, it may be a wise decision to let a professional handle the viewings. As estate agents and property management firms deal with property viewings all the time, they know how to lead and direct buyers around a house. They will also be able to better highlight the key features, field any questions, and arouse interest.

Another reason for leaving it to the professionals is, most buyers are put off or feel a little uneasy viewing a property while the current owners are there. They may not be so willing to ask the hard questions and could be put off buying as a result. There is also simply the fact that one of the aims is to help potential buyers see themselves living in that property and they are less likely to find that easy to do, if you are stood in the kitchen or bedroom with them.

Make Sure the Property’s Best Features and Qualities Shine

It shouldn’t be any surprise that the key aim of viewings is to showcase the best features and qualities of a property. It doesn’t matter if your master bedroom offers pristine and beautiful views of the rolling countryside to the back of the home or that your living room is warm and inviting, you need to make sure the character of your property is evident during the viewings.

How Many Viewing is Enough?

Like most people you are probably wondering how many viewings of your property are enough to actually secure a sale on the home. There is, as you may have guessed, no exact science to this aspect of selling property. Many factors come into play, including the asking price set on your property and the number of properties that are for sale in your local area.

Therefore, any suggestions of an arbitrary number should be considered cautiously. However, one of the country’s oldest and most reliable support and independent advice resource, The Advisory have suggested that 10 viewings may put you in the best position to get a reasonable offer. According, though, to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, around 30% of all buyers only view a property once before they made their move. Therefore, if a buyer is interested in your property and falls for it, they will not doddle when it comes to making an offer on it.

Honesty is Always Best

Although you may feel it’s better to lie and hide any flaws or issues your property has, it’s best to actually share these from the outset. The key thing when dealing with any potential pitfalls is to ensure whoever is conducting the property viewings on your behalf has all the important information about it, including the negatives.

For example, if you don’t mention certain repairs that need doing or that you and your neighbours have a very aggressive relationship regarding noise, mess, or just personality clashes. With these kinds of things, the truth will usually always come out and could mean that a buyer is looking for redress from you further down the line.